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M Square scours the world looking for real insights into the most attractive investment opportunities, and meeting with some of the best investors globally

We are all dedicated students of investing, constantly seeking to find the right answers. Our work requires curiosity, strong intellectual skills and an analytical mind. A high level of dedication and commitment is expected of everyone. The responsibility of managing the wealth of others is a big one and we treat it with the utmost respect and care.

We are a team. We each have accountability and must know our individual responsibilities, but we work together, collaborating in order to make the best decisions possible in all aspects of our business. In that respect, clear communication is key and constructive feedback is valuable and welcome. Team members are incentivized to act as owners in an entrepreneurial environment and will grow according to the impact they have on our firm.

We have high standards and are proud of our work. We believe that over time great work leads to great results.

If you believe you are passionate about investing and that you would thrive in this environment, please contact us about joining our team. Send e-mail to recruiting@msquare.com.br

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